Elite, Premium, or Professional Tutoring?

All Bell Curves tutors have extensive training, experience, access for their students to all our materials, and use the same fundemental approaches and strategies. Our tutors are drawn from our pool of classroom teachers and have all been working with us for at least a year. The primary distinguishing characteristics of our tutors is the experience.

Elite Tutors

In order to qualify as one of our Elite Tutors, a tutor must have taught the SHSAT with exceptional results for at least 10 years, teach other standardized tests, participate in the creation of instructional materals, and train new teachers. Our elite tutors are individuals who have chosen careers in test preparation and have over the years taught thousands of students, trained hundreds of teachers, and analyzed and written scores of questions. While many instructors can explain a problem, our Elite Tutors have the experience and skill to indentify how to explain any problem in the way that works best not for most students but for the individual student. In short, our Elite Tutors are the most highly experienced and skilled SHSAT tutors on Earth!

Premium Tutors

Our Premium Tutors are test-preparation professionals with over 4 years experience teaching the SAT. These tutors have chosen careers in test preparation and dedicated their lives to helping students achieve their best test scores. They have spent more than more than 100 hours in training with our Elite tutors and training team, have logged thousands of hours teaching classroom courses and tutoring students, and spent hundreds of hours taking, analyzing and writing test questions. As key members of our development, editing, and community outreach teams, our premium tutors have learned every nuance and trick of the test.

A Premium Tutor is better for you if...

  • You have worked with other courses/tutors in the past
  • You have a score above the 85% in any section
  • You have a score below the 30% in any section
  • You have fewer than 6 weeks before your test

Professional Tutors

Our professional tutors are our "newest" rising starts. Professional tutors have an average of 3 years working with us (though many come from other companies), are highly recommended by their students, and have helped dozens of students achieve their best SHSAT scores. Our professional tutors will deliver our curriculum customized for your learning style and schedule.

A Professional Tutor is better for you if...

  • You are just beginning your SHSAT prep
  • You excel in a one-on-one environment
  • You have more than 2 months before your SHSAT
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