Choosing a High school

The first thing many families should do during the high school process is find out what kind of high school they wish to attend and how one type is different from the other. The following are the most common types of schools and a brief description of them:

  • Public Schools

    Public schools are needless to say the most common and widely attended type of schools in America. They get most if not all of their financing from local, state, and federal government (your tax dollars hard at work). What many people may not know is that there are many different types of public schools. Below is a list of some different types of public schools and a brief description about them.

  • Magnet Schools

    Magnet schools are highly competitive and selective public schools that are known for their extensive list of special programs, facilities, and high academic standards. Students who apply to these schools have to go through a thorough application process and rigorous testing. For more information about magnet schools visit

  • Charter Schools

    Charter schools are known to be challenging schools that specialize in a particular area of studies such as technology, arts or core subjects approach. They offer smaller class sizes and more individual attention to students then regular public schools.

  • Specialized Schools

    There are many states that have their own prestigious public high schools and standards to get in. In New York City there are eight specialized high schools that require students to take the SHSAT for admittance. The SHSAT score is the only factor that will determine a student’s admittance into the various schools. The test is offered for both 8th and 9th graders, and the cut off score for each score various from year to year. For more information about the SHSAT click here.

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